Wim Poot started his career back in1991 by establishing ‘Agrarisch Loonbedrijf Wim Poot’.

At that time, the main activities were still crop handling in the greenhouses. A few years later, the first interest in cleaning greenhouses with a machine was born, because cleaning by hand became more and more time-consuming due to scale enlargement.

At the time, Wim rented a plot of caravan storage at the Maassluissedijk in Vlaardingen from his parents to store his belongings. Initially, a so-called V-washer was purchased, which had to be operated by the person walking behind it. This machine was transported from gutter to gutter by a self-built platform.

First expansion

Around 1995 the first greenhouse roof cleaner was purchased from Joost van der Waay, which drove through two gutters and which could be moved by a mobile scaffold.

Due to the increasing demand for the mechanical washing of greenhouses, Wim and Erik Poot joined forces in 2001 and Poot Kasdekreiniging was established.
Several machines were purchased for different greenhouse roof sizes and over time the machines also became more automated.


In 2013 we bought our building at the Aartsdijkweg, because the barn at the Maassluissedijk became too small.

Meanwhile, the hall is already quite full of:

  • 7 lorries with mobile crane
  • 23 greenhouse roof cleaners
  • 14 chalking machines
  • 4 moss removers
  • 1 V-washer


The advent of new coatings which had to be sprayed very evenly on the greenhouses meant we started testing mechanical chalking in 2005 in collaboration with Gert-Jan van Hattem. At the time, we had converted a greenhouse roof cleaner into a chalking machine.

This proved to be a great success after the first job and we then set up the company H.P.W. Spuittechnieken in collaboration with van der Waay, whose letters refer to the founders. Van der Waay built the chalk machines and van Hattem and Poot carried out the work.

These companies went before you

“At Poot Cleaning we are a specialist in mechanical greenhouse roof cleaning and mechanical chalking”